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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending the Rights of the Accused

Being arrested for a criminal offense can cause you to face one the most challenging circumstances of your life. In the wake of a criminal charge of any kind, one can be overwhelmed with feelings of stress, anxiety, uncertainty and exhaustion. You may experience difficulty maintaining or obtaining a residence or gainful employment, a compromised reputation and face discrimination or alienation from your family, friends and neighbors. Even a first-time offender with a pending investigation, arrest or charge can expect a profound impact on various aspects of their life. It is essential to be proactive about your future and act quickly to limit the negative repercussions of a conviction and lengthy imprisonment.

If formal charges have not yet been filed against you or you are in danger of facing criminal charges in the near future, a criminal defense attorney can begin working to protect your legal rights at any stage of your case. In fact, by retaining counsel early on you may increase your chances of avoiding formal charges altogether. This is applicable in cases where an individual has been contacted for "questioning" by law enforcement. Preventative pre-file investigation measures are as equally important as the representation an attorney provides after criminal charges are brought and in fact may prove more valuable if they allow a defendant to avoid criminal court proceedings at the outset.

To be successful in defending criminal charges, an attorney must have years of experience to understand the dynamics of how the police, prosecutors and the criminal justice system operate. Prosecutors will be conducting their investigations, gathering evidence and preparing witnesses to testify against you. With a strong foundation defending the rights of the Accused, The Law Office of Ursula C. Jackson, P.L.L.C., is familiar with how prosecutors will likely present their case, and therefore know which defense strategies would be most compelling in contesting your charges.

Upon contacting our office, Ursula C. Jackson, Esq. will personally explain your rights and clearly detail your legal options and the legal process in understandable terms. If you retain the services of our Office to represent you, we will immediately begin to use our extensive resources to investigate your arrest and the charges against you. We will make every effort to have your charges reduced, dismissed or exonerate you at trial. In the unfortunate event that your rights were violated or any evidence of procedural misconduct occurred, it is possible that the state attorney may no longer seek prosecution.

As a private client of the Law Office of Ursula Jackson, P.L.L.C , you can expect professional, client focused legal services with a commitment to achieving highly desirable results. Be sure to have an aggressive advocate on your side during legal proceedings to provide you with the support and guidance you deserve and representation you need to better protect your best interests and your future.

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